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Saturated Anhydrides

Broadview Technologies offers a line of specialty anhydrides, part of which are our saturated anhydrides. All of our products are incredibly versatile and high quality, and each is tailored for diverse applications. 

Broadview’s saturated anhydrides

When moisture resistance, UV stability and crisp, clean, color and color retention are needed, saturated anhydrides are the answer. These anhydrides are used in L.E.D. displays, clear coats, and insulators for outdoor electrical transmission equipment. Like our other products, our saturated liquid anhydrides are versatile, with a wide range of uses for each product, tailored to the applications they typically serve. We can manufacture pre-catalyzed and formulated anhydrides, as well as offer several options for specific properties and applications. For more information about these and all of our products, check out our Data Sheets.

High Quality products from Broadview Technologies

Broadview’s quality management system is ISO-certified, and we are affiliated with several nationally-recognized organizations for chemical production and research. Our products are tried and tested, functioning in both indoor and outdoor environments while still maintaining their performance and quality. Our anhydrides have many other values as well, including low toxicity, versatile manufacturing processes, and thermal stability. We are a leader in the material science industry, and have been for several decades, pioneering heat shielding technology during the Apollo missions and supporting the defense industry with military coatings. For specialty anhydrides of any type, Broadview Technologies is the place to go to ensure that you receive the highest quality and the best service.

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Broadview Technologies has been a leading pioneer in material science manufacturing and research since 1970. We have developed several high-quality and trusted products over the past several decades, including our specialty liquid anhydrides, fire retardant products, and epoxy curing agents. Thanks to the hard work of our team, we have been able to provide quality customer service as well as excellent products since our inception. If you have any questions, or if you would like to get started, please feel free to contact us today with any requests that you have.