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Specialty Plasticizers

Specialty Plasticizers

Broadview’s specialty plasticizers are a staple of our products. Our Resoflex line, developed in partnership with Cambridge Industries, is completely saturated, possessing remarkable stability even when faced with extreme temperatures, UV light, oxygen, ozone, and other factors that normally contribute to the deterioration of organic materials.

A quick overview of plasticizers

Plasticizers are a common type of additive used in plastic manufacturing. They are added to the raw polymers that are made into plastics or rubbers to improve their flexibility and make the polymers easier to shape and mold. Plasticizers cushion the polymer chains, preventing them from becoming hard, rigid, and difficult to work with.

Broadview’s Specialty Plasticizers

Broadview Technologies and Cambridge Industries have developed a line of plasticizers, Resoflex, that exhibit several beneficial properties and are excellent for use in a wide range of applications. Our specialty polymeric plasticizers are mainly designed for remoistenable adhesives, but have also found great success in a wide range of other applications such as:

Specialty Plasticizers
  • Polyester foam
  • Grease-Proof paper and fiberboard coatings for food packaging
  • Barrier coatings for vinyl flooring and wall covering
  • Water-emulsion paints
  • Leather finishes
  • Backing compounds for rugs and carpets
  • Binders for fiberboard
  • High-grade, heat-resistant lacquers
  • Coating fabrics having high moisture-vapor transmission
  • Binders for non-woven fabric
  • Bookbinding adhesives

They impart many beneficial properties when mixed into compounds as plasticizers as well! Our products exhibit excellent stability, zero volatility, and excellent resistance to oils, fats, grease, and gasoline. Compounds mixed with our Resoflex products also exhibit color stability as well as stability under a wide range of outdoor conditions, including a range of temperatures, UV light, and water.

Cambridge Industries and Broadview Technologies currently offer four Resoflex products. Click on the links below to view their data sheets and learn more about them!

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Broadview Technologies is a leader in developing and manufacturing products for the material science industry. Our specialty chemicals serve a range of applications, including plasticizers, epoxy curing, and fire retardants. To learn more about us, or if you’re ready to request a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us today!