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Potting Compound

Clear Impregnating and Casting Resin


The 200 series of our HIGHTEMP resins are single-component epoxy systems with all necessary components correctly incorporated. All the user has to do is melt and pour the resin, and then let it cure. This resin has no need for blending in additional hardeners or catalysts, and removes the potential for errors in blending in formulation–this product comes preformulated and ready for use. There is no fear of damaging the components due to incorrect formulation. 

HIGHTEMP 221 is a viscous blend of resin and reactive ingredients at room temperature that dissolves into a clear, fluid resin when heated. This resin has extended pot life and low viscosity compared to related products, and makes castings that are flexible at room temperature. Because of this, the resin can easily withstand internal stresses and strains caused by differences in expansion within the casting. Additionally, this product is a polymerizable mixture, and no added plasticizers will flow out even under extreme conditions and the resin will not lose its flexibility. 


HIGHTEMP 221 has proven success in the impregnation of electrical component applications, offering optimized performance and resilience. In one case study, transformers impregnated with this resin had a notable decrease in noise level. 

Our product also has seen success in military and defense applications as well. HIGHTEMP 221 meets even the rigid requirements of government specification MIL-T-27 E, Class U for transformers and inductors. The HIGHTEMP 221 resin has tested and proven quality both in the laboratory and in real-world applications.

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