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Resoflex R-296, R-560, and R-804 are the plasticizers that Cambridge Industries/Broadview Technologies developed to soften various materials, increase their flexibility and their plasticity for better handling in manufacturing. Our Resoflex plasticizers have excellent chemical properties, being completely saturated and as a result, having remarkable stability in any environment. Their properties are not affected by heat, cold, ultraviolet light, oxygen, ozone, or other factors that contribute to the deterioration of organic materials.

Compounds in which Resoflex R-296, R-560, and R-804 serve as the plasticizer exhibit the following properties:

  • Non-migratory
  • Excellent stability on long aging under all conditions
  • Essentially zero volatility
  • No plasticizer migration
  • Excellent resistance to oils, fats, grease and gasoline
  • Good low-temperature flexibility
  • Good water resistance
  • Excellent flexibility and toughness
  • UV stable
  • Color stable
  • Not water soluble

These plasticizers are being used very successfully by industry in the following applications:

  • Adhesives
  • Polyester foam
  • Grease-Proof paper and fiberboard coatings for food packaging
  • Barrier coatings for vinyl-flooring and wall covering
  • Water-emulsion paints
  • Washable sizes for fabrics
  • Leather finishes
  • Warp sizes
  • Binders for fiberboard
  • High-grade heat-resistant lacquers
  • Coating fabrics having high moisture vapor transmission
  • Binders for non-woven fabric
  • Bookbinding adhesives
  • Self-sizing wall primers and sealers
  • Heat-seal coatings
  • Laminations
  • Coating nylon thread and filament
  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Backing compounds for rugs and carpets

With all of these applications and excellent properties, Cambridge Industries/Broadview’s Resoflex plasticizers are some of the most versatile and high-performance products available. Check out the Data Sheets for SDS and other resources, as well as a list of our products, to learn more about our Resoflex R-296, R-560, and R-804 plasticizers.

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Broadview Technologies is an American-based chemical supply company established in 1970, but our roots go even further back to our affiliate, ACI, which pioneered intumescent fireproof technology. Over the years, we’ve expanded our expertise into specialty anhydrides, anti-corrosion agents, epoxy curing agents, and plasticizers, developed with our patented technology. 

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