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Epoxy Curing

Epoxy curing agents are amine-based chemicals that, when reacting with an epoxy resin, create a system formulated with exceptional performance properties, such as strong mechanical properties, high abrasion-resistance, excellent chemical and corrosion protection, and quality aesthetics. These characteristics have made epoxies a popular choice across several industries. 

Broadview’s Epoxy Curing agents

Broadview Technologies produces specialty anhydrides that offer numerous advantages over other epoxy curing agents. Not only are they cost-effective, they are strong, thermally stable, and have low toxicity levels. Our epoxy curing anhydrides are also incredibly versatile and have a long pot life, making them ideal for electrical, composites, and filament winding applications. We have over a dozen different specialty anhydrides available for curing epoxy resins, the largest variety available.


This liquid polyanhydride is a curing agent that imparts a high degree of flexibility to epoxy resins, as well as excellent thermal shock properties. It can be used by itself or blended with other products, and it has a low mix viscosity and superior electrical resistance.


PSPA is a polymeric anhydride that can cure epoxy resins without the need for tertiary amines or other accelerators. With its long pot life and low vapor pressure, PSPA is the ideal one-component epoxy system. 


This liquid blend combines excellent properties, such as high Tg, improved thermal aging, and vibration dampening. Epoxy resins cured with this anhydride also have high heat-deflection temperatures, even in hot and wet environments, as well as excellent chemical and electrical properties.


This unique anhydride and epoxy curing agent is designed to provide a low exotherm and minimal shrinkage when cured in large quantities. It also has low viscosity, excellent electrical insulation, and a high degree of durability, even in constant heat and moisture.

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