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Dianhydrides AC-32 and AC-3205

Alongside our other specialty anhydrides, Broadview Technologies has developed two products that fit in the class of dianhydrides, which, at their simplest form, are any molecule containing two anhydride groups. They have a wide range of applications due to the fact that they impart benefits, such as improved retention of physical, mechanical, and electrical properties at high temperatures.

The most common use of dianhydrides is as a thermal curative for epoxy resins. When used in this particular application, the dianhydride forms a highly crosslinked polymer network that provides excellent protective properties to many different coatings and adhesives. 

Broadview’s Dianhydrides

Broadview has two dianhydride products: AC-32 and AC 3205, a derivative of the former product. Our AC-32 specialty anhydride is a solid dianhydride that is mainly used as a curing agent for epoxy resins that will subsequently be used in electrical applications.

This particular product is an excellent choice for many different coatings and applications, such as powder coatings, electrical castings, filament winding and pultrusion, transfer-molding compounds, and epoxy-curing compounds. This product is not only unique in its polymer makeup, but also in its properties. The AC-32 dianhydride provides higher aromatic content to epoxy cured systems, which results in superior heat resistance, higher Tg, and low-moisture permeability. 

Our dianhydrides also impart high toughness that can improve vibration dampening as well as enhance the underlying substrate’s thermal shock resistance. Even better, our dianhydrides blend easily with our liquid anhydrides, such as MTHPA, MHHPA, and METH-E, and the resulting mixtures will remain liquid at room temperature. 

The AC-32 dianhydrides can also be integrated with a variety of coatings. These coatings will excel in wet strength retention and abrasion resistance, thanks to the addition of our dianhydrides.

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