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Broadview has been a leader in the material science industry since 1970. We manufacture the largest variety of anhydrides in the world for curing epoxy resins, and are well known for our range of flexiblizers and fire retardants. Our innovative and cutting-edge solutions address challenges across various industries and applications, allowing us to offer products with incredible versatility.

Broadview’s Specialty Anhydrides

Our specialty anhydrides have several advantages over other epoxy curing agents, including cost-effectiveness, high strength, thermal stability, low toxicity, and non-critical mix ratios. They are also incredibly versatile, with applications across several industries and a wide range of ways that they can be applied.

Unsaturated Anhydrides

Offering superior performance and low costs, these are the workhorses of epoxy filament winding, pultrusion, resin infusion, and electrical potting. They are unequaled in their cure versatility, as well as overall value proposition for filament winding and resin infusion.

Saturated Anhydrides

When moisture resistance, UV stability and crisp, clean, color and color retention are needed, saturated liquid anhydrides are the answer. Our products are perfect for L.E.D. displays, clear coats, and insulators for outdoor electrical transmission equipment.


Our polyanhydrides offer excellent thermal shock resistance even after high-temperature heat aging, as well as noise-dampening benefits with a rubber-like durability.


INTUMAX is a class of revolutionary flame retardants/intumescent agents that are ideal for incorporation into thermoset coatings and foams, potting compounds, fiberglass-reinforced structures, electrical laminates, thermoplastics, paints, films, resins and many other applications.


Resoflex products, R-296 and R-446, are resinous plasticizers that are suitable for plasticizing film-forming materials and related materials, such as Polyvinyl Acetate. They are also compatible with nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, nylon, certain grades of polyvinyl alcohol and other natural and synthetic film-forming materials.

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Broadview Technologies, Inc. has several decades of experience in the material science industry developing new and innovative technologies for epoxy resin curing and fire retardants. For more information about how we can serve you, don’t hesitate to contact us today! Our team would be happy to answer any questions or assist any requests that you may have.