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Fire Retardants

Broadview has been a pioneer in intumescent fireproof technology since the early 1960s. Our affiliate ACI introduced a key component, code-named NASA Salt, in heat and fire protection during the early days of space exploration. From there, we would continue to be a leader in fire protection in space exploration, military ordinance protection, and offshore oil rig protection.

Today, Broadview Technologies has a well of patented technologies for many applications, including fire retardants for Phenolics, Urethanes, Epoxies, Latex, and Thermoplastics, such as polypropylene and nylon.

Broadview’s Fire Retardants

The term “fire retardant” refers to any substance that is used to slow down the spread of fire, stop the spread entirely, or reduce the fire’s intensity. Our fire retardants utilize chemical reactions that reduce the flammability of the substrates they protect and delay their combustion. Using our patented technology, we have developed several products under the line INTUMAX®, a class of revolutionary flame retardants and intumescent agents ideal for thermoset coatings and foams, thermoplastics, paints, films, resins, and much more.

Check out just a few of our INTUMAX products below! You can also view all of the data sheets on our full Product Guide.


This new revolutionary flame retardant is incredibly versatile, able to be incorporated into products, such as thermoset coatings and foams, potting compounds, fiberglass-reinforced structures, electronic laminates, and many more applications. When blended into a resin system, this intumescent agent will react to heat or flame, causing it to foam and form a thick, high-yield char barrier.


INTUMAX AC-3 is a highly efficient, phosphate based, and halogen free, intumescent agent. Because it’s pH neutral and water insoluble, this product is excellent for use in indoor and outdoor applications.


This fire retardant is highly efficient and phosphate-based, as well as water insoluble. It’s also incredibly versatile, with applications in urethane adhesives, non-skid coatings, and secondary electrical applications.


This viscous phosphate ester is designed for reducing the flammability and smoke generation of resin systems. Not only that, it also serves as an additive for our other INTUMAX applications, reducing brittleness.

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