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The Applications We Serve

Broadview Technologies develops and manufacturers many different specialty products for a range of applications. Our patented technology improves materials in fields, such as epoxy-curing agents, fire-retardants, and plasticizers, with the addition of anti-corrosion properties, and excellent resistance in many areas.

To learn more about the different applications that Broadview Technologies serves, check out the pages below! You can also browse our Data Sheets for information on individual products, or check out more details about all of our products on our Products page.

Fire Retardants

Broadview has developed a class of revolutionary fire retardants and intumescent agents under the line INTUMAX®. Our INTUMAX products are ideal for incorporation into a range of applications, such as thermoset coatings and foams, potting compounds, electrical laminates, paints and films, structures reinforced with fiberglass. INTUMAX flame retardants will react to heat or flame to form a thick, high-yield char barrier to mitigate fire and prevent further spread.

Chemical Applications

Epoxy Curing Agents

We have a wide variety of specialty anhydrides that serve as excellent epoxy curing agents. Our anhydrides offer many advantages over other curing agents, such as cost-effectiveness, high strength, thermal stability, low toxicity, and low shrinkage upon cure. With over a dozen different anhydrides and anhydride systems available, Broadview offers the greatest variety of options for your epoxy curing needs.

Specialty Plasticizers

Broadview Technologies and Cambridge Industries together have developed the Resoflex line of specialty plasticizers. Our Resoflex products are resinous plasticizers that are suitable for plasticizing film forming materials. These resins are ideal for use as plasticizers for Polyvinyl Acetate, and they’re also compatible with nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, nylon, certain grades of polyvinyl alcohol, and other natural and synthetic film-forming materials.

Ready to get started?

Since 1970, Broadview has been a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the material science industry, providing quality products and unequaled service. To learn more about how we can serve you, or if you’re ready to get started with us, don’t hesitate to contact us today! We would be delighted to discuss how our products can help you.