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Along with our other specialty anhydrides for epoxy resin curing, Broadview Technologies has developed quality Polyanhydride products for epoxy curing. Our polyanhydrides offer excellent thermal shock resistance even after high-temperature heat aging. They also provide noise-dampening benefits with a durability akin to materials, such as rubber. 

Where flexibility and toughness are required, polyanhydrides are the most efficient answer. These specialty anhydrides are typically used for the manufacture of flexible PC boards and films, and the potting and encapsulation of high-performance electrical coils. They also have many other applications as well, such as:

  • Powder Coatings/Encapsulation compounds
  • One Package Adhesives
  • Paper and Glass Laminates
  • Prepreg Tapes
  • Epoxy transfer molding compounds
  • Heat-resistant ablative baked coatings
  • Electrostatic spray coatings

We currently have two specialty polyanhydrides available for our customers.

  • PAPA: This light tan, wax-like solid is soluble in liquid anhydrides and epoxy reins. It provides a uniquely high degree of toughness when blended into liquid anhydride curing agents. 
  • PSPA: This polymeric anhydride epoxy agent can cure epoxy resins without the use of tertiary amines or other accelerators. It also has a unique combination of toughness and thermal resistance.
  • AC-39: This liquid flexibilizer and curing agent imparts high flexibility to epoxy resins, providing excellent thermal shock resistance as a result. 
  • AC-986: This Biobased polyanhydride is an ideal choice for formulating epoxy conformal coatings and flexible coatings with excellent moisture and acid resistance.

Quality products with Broadview Technologies

Broadview Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality products and customer services to each and every client. To that end, we maintain a quality management system in accordance with ISO standards. Our sole focus is to develop innovative solutions that enhance material performance, which we do through a combination of decades of industry experiences and our patented technology. Thanks to our efforts, our products improve materials in the fields of epoxy curing agents, fire retardants, plasticisers, and anti-corrosion agents. For years, Broadview Technologies has been a leader in innovating these fields, either directly or through our affiliates. Our customers and our affiliates trust Broadview’s record of proven performance that spans decades, and our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental care.

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