INTUMAX® is a class of revolutionary flame retardants / intumescent agents that are ideal for incorporation into thermoset coatings and foams, potting compounds, fiberglass reinforced structures, electrical laminates, thermal plastics, paints, films, resins and many other applications.

When blended into your resin system, INTUMAX® will react to heat or flame to foam and form a thick, high yield char barrier. This char barrier will mitigate fire and prevent further flame spread. The char foam can also insulate and protect the coated substrate from heat damage.

Intumax® reaction

INTUMAX® has been proven successful in epoxy, acrylic, vinyl acetate, urethane, polypropylene and PVC resin systems. Coatings only 3mils (3/1000 of an inch.) thick, at loading levels of only 10-20%, can foam up to 1.5 inches. INTUMAX® is halogen free and does not evolve the highly toxic and corrosive gasses associated with many other fire retardants. Additionally, INTUMAX® has low water solubility and will not leach out over time.